Electrical Engineer

Master of Science ETH

About Me

I’m an Electrical Engineer with a focus on Computer Networking and Cyber Security. Additional areas of expertise include VLSI design, FPGA programming, PCB design, Optical Communication and Machine Learning. While my interests in Electrical Engineering are pretty broad I’m especially fascinated by hardware. So much so that following hardware news about Computers and Networking devices is a hobby of mine.


MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ETH Zürich
Feb/2021 – Dez/2023

Exchange Semester
Jan/2022 – Jun/2022

BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology with distinction
ETH Zürich
Sep/2017 – Aug/2020

Work Experience


Intern Hardware Engineering
Duagon Inc.
Sep/2020 – Dec/2020

Teaching Assistant

Advanced Topics in Communication Networks
ETH Zürich
Sep/2022 – Dec/2022

Communication Networks
ETH Zürich
Feb/2021 – Jun/2021

Digital Circuits
ETH Zürich
Sep/2018 – Dec/2018

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